Hopefully you won’t get lost, but if you do the main land mark to ask directions for is Formosa Gardens on the US192 between markers 4 and 5

From Orlando International Airport

Make sure you have Dollar notes and at least two quarters (50 cents) in change handy before you leave the airport car rental garage (you will need this for the road tolls).

Follow South Exit signs from airport.

Signs will read Kissimmee, Orlando Attractions. This is the South Access Road.

Follow this road for 4 miles until it joins Boggy Creek Road. Move over into the right hand lane following signs for exit onto Highway 417 South to I-4 (Interstate 4) you need to take this exit, this is known as the Greeneway and will be sign posted for Tampa, Kissimmee and Disney. You will need to merge into the flow of traffic.

This is the road that has toll booths on (1st $1.00 / 2nd $1.00 / Exit 50cents)

Follow this road and all Disney signs until Exit 3, then take this exit.

Go down the exit ramp to the toll booth, the charge is 50 cents. This is an automatic toll booth, there is no person on duty . You must have 50 cents in change.

Once you have paid turn right onto The Osceola Parkway, this road leads to Disney.

Follow this road always following Disney’s Magic Kingdom signs.

Don’t panic when it looks as though you are entering the Magic Kingdom, you will go under the Disney World sign.

Now follow all signs for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

As you approach The Animal Kingdom entrance, the road will split, you need to take the left fork. Sign posted Animal Kingdom Lodge.

At the next set of traffic lights make a left turn.

Follow this road until you reach the first set of traffic lights, which is 192 junction running across in front of you. This is a very busy traffic light controlled junction. Turn right. Remember you can turn right on a red light if the road is clear.

At the next set of lights you need to turn left. This is Formosa Gardens Boulevard.

Follow this road for about 1 mile, passing on your right Formosa Garden Mall.

You reach a 4 way stop. Stop, then go straight over keeping in the left hand lane following the same road.

Indian Creek is the third turn on your right.

Follow the main road through the community.

Go over the bridge.

Immediately over the bridge, turn 1st left  into Oneida Loop.

Continue up the hill passing Santee Drive on the right then turn Right at the top of the road. This is still Oneida Loop, keep going past another turning on the right

Just as the road starts to bend to the right, Coral Cove (2617 Oneida Loop) is on the left hand side.